Welcome to Villa Valdosta - established just inside the
Belle Aire gates of The Villages, FL in 1999.

Please take a moment to review your personal information on the Celebration and Roster pages. If any of your information is incorrect or missing...please contact the webmaster at: villavaldosta@gmail.com.

The October 20th Ladies Luncheon will be at 11:30 AM at
Glenview Country Club.

RSVP to our hostess, Cindy Clark at 630-464-9240 or email at
bcclark3708@sbcglobal.net. Please RSVP before Monday, Oct. 18th.

social club news

Welcome to our new club "officers" - Maxine Brocious as President and
JoAnne Heckman as Treasurer. We appreciate them taking on the duties and thank Bobbie Evans and Lianne Migiano for their years of service.
At this time, we are still in need of someone to fill the Secretary position.
If you are interested, please contact the webmaster at the email at the
bottom of this page. Men, you are welcome in this position as well!!

Annual dues will remain at just $5/person and will be collected Jan 2022.
Monthly Socials will continue throughout the summer.

Pictures from the October social are available via the
Photo Gallery.

Have you crossed the Chitty Chatty?

If you missed the May 27th Bridge Trip, listen up! Planning is in process for a 2nd trip on Thursday, December 2nd. Proposed schedule is leaving the neighborhood at 10:30 that morning and returning
to Valdosta by 4:30 that afternoon.

Here are the details:

The plan -- weather permitting -- is to drive our golf carts as a group down the Buena Vista Recreation Trail to Brownwood and then to go across the three bridges to the “other side of The Villages” and back again.

We will be leaving Valdosta at 10:30 to arrive in Brownwood for lunch at Cody's Roadhouse by 11:30.

After lunch, we will proceed to the Brownwood Bridge which crosses over Rte 44 and then on to the Water Lily Bridge which crosses the turnpike to reach the far end of The Villages.

We will make a stop at Fenney Recreation Center for a short visit there. Then we head back across the Water Lily Bridge and proceed to travel down the recreation trail on the opposite side of the turnpike to the Chitty Chatty Bridge and over to the Morse Blvd Trail and back to Valdosta.

We hope to get home somewhere around 4:00 or 4:30.

If you are interested in participatig, you are more than welcome. Just please make sure your golf cart is ready for the long trip. You can drive solo or arrange a ride with another neighbor. Please RSVP no later than Nov. 30th so that we can give the restaurant an accurate number for our reservation.

Should the weather be uncooperative, we will try for another date as soon as viable.

RSVP: Aggie Taylor - via phone to 352-753-0761, text to 850-598-3604 or email to aggie12549@comcast.net.

Many thanks to each of you who so generously came through yet once again
in the recent Flag Fund Drive. With your help, we got enough to purchase the needed flags and have a surplus of just over $400 to use for future flag needs.
Valdosta is a super neighborhood!

Since the fall of 2013, our American Flags have flown proudly outside our entry to celebrate this Country's special holidays. As they were getting a bit faded and showing some wear, we put the word out and asked for help in raising enough to replace the worn flags.
The results were outstanding!
We can now announce that we have been able to replace the 10 U.S. flags and the 5 Armed Forces flags that we needed. Additionally, we purchased a limited supply
of the smaller U.S. flags for use in our yards.
[We provide each new neighbor 2 flags for their yards.]
If you like additional flags for your yard,
please contact Aggie at 352-753-0761.

Tuesday is Happy Hour at Glenview!!

Anyone interested in joining your neighbor Valdostians
up at Glenview are welcome to come between 3:00 and 4:30 PM. Enjoy a drink or two while spending some relaxing social time
with your friends and neighbors. Remember, if it's too hot or raining, we'll be inside! See you there!

Notice to all of our new neighbors

While our neighborhood loves its pets, please be advised
that there are no open areas within Valdosta.
All grass/landscaping area is someone's private yard
and we appreciate it if you keep your pets off of them.
And please --

We thank you and your pet!

Monthly Socials

Meets at Chatham Recreation Center the 1st Tuesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses are:

November 2nd: Thanksgiving Dinner - Eileen Patton
& Aggie Taylor

December 7th: Christmas Party - Maxine Brocious
& JoAnne Heckman

January 4th: Potluck - open
February 1st: Soup Supper - Eileen Patton

March 1st - open

April 5th - open

May 3rd - open

June 7th - open


Ladies Luncheon

Meets at a local restaurant on the 3rd Wednesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses are:

November 17th - Judie DiFulvio

December 15th - Bobbie Evans & Val Smith

January 19th - Bernice Zahringer

February 16th - Anna Markovics & Karen Tummillo

March 16th - open

April 20th - open

May 18th - open

June 15th - open


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