Welcome to Villa Valdosta - established just inside the Belle Aire gates of The Villages, FL in 1999.

Please take a moment to review your personal information on the Celebration and Roster pages. If any
of your information is incorrect or missing...please contact
the webmaster at: villavaldosta@gmail.com.

You Are Invited To Join
Villa Valdosta's Bunco Night
Held The 2nd Tuesday
Of Each Month At 6:30 PM
If You Are Interested, Please Contact:
Ruth Lafontaine - 352-775-9936 For Info.


social club news

Your 2023 Annual Dues of $5/person can be paid
to our Club Treasurer,
JoAnne Heckman,
at the next s

Notice to all of our new neighbors

While our neighborhood loves its pets, please be advised
that there are no open areas within Valdosta.
All grass/landscaping area is someone's private yard
and we appreciate it if you keep your pets off of them.
And please --

We thank you and your pet!

Monthly Socials

Meets at Chatham Recreation Center the 1st Tuesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses are:

December 6th: Christmas Party - Maxine Brocious & JoAnne Heckman


Ladies Luncheon

Meets at a local restaurant on the 3rd Wednesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses are:

December 21st - Ann Brown


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