Welcome to Villa Valdosta - established just inside the Belle Aire gates of The Villages, FL in 1999.

Please take a moment to review your personal information on the Celebration and Roster pages. If any
of your information is incorrect or missing...please contact the webmaster at: villavaldosta@gmail.com.


 social club news

2023 Annual Dues
of $5/person
can be paid to our
Club Treasurer,
JoAnne Heckman,
at the next social.

You Are Invited To Join
Villa Valdosta's Bunco Night
Held The 2nd Tuesday
Of Each Month At 6:00 PM  
If You Are Interested, Please Contact:
Ruth Lafontaine - 352-775-9936 For Info.

Notice to all of our new neighbors

While our neighborhood loves its pets, please be advised
that there are no open areas within Valdosta. 
All grass/landscaping area is someone's private yard
and we appreciate it if you keep your pets off of them.

We thank you and your pet!

Monthly Socials

Meets at Chatham Recreation Center the 1st Tuesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses for 2023 are:

May 2nd - Sharon Clark & Ruth Lafontaine

Jun 6th - Aggie Taylor - BUNCO

Jul 4th - Connie Goodnite & Joan Kimbell

Aug 1st - Dean andPaula Brocious

Sep 5th - Dean and Ann Carr

Oct 3rd - Greg Black & Ellie Hennessee

Nov 7th - Eileen Patton & Aggie Taylor - Thanksgiving Dinner

Dec 5th - Ingrid Derlis


Ladies Luncheon

Meets at a local restaurant on the 3rd Wednesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses for 2023 are:

May 17th - Ruth Lafontaine

Jun 21st - Margie Toth

Jul 19th - Connie Goodnite

Aug 16th- Judie DiFulvo

Sep 20th - JoAnne Heckman

Oct 18th - Cindy Clark

Nov 15th - Cornelia Martin

Dec 20th - Dee Friend


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