Welcome to Villa Valdosta - established just inside the Belle Aire gates of The Villages, FL in 1999.

Notice something NEW here? Due to new Google requirements, it was necessary to re-do our Valdosta website. So....we decided to give it a whole new look while attempting to keep all the information provided in the old website. We hope you like it and welcome any comments.

Please take a moment to review your personal information on the Celebration and Roster pages. If any of your information is incorrect or missing...please contact the webmaster at: villavaldosta@gmail.com.

Villa Valdosta has an active Social Club which meets at

6 PM on the first Tuesday of each month at Chatham Recreation Center.

Due to Covid restrictions - meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Magnetic name tags can be ordered for $6 each.

Our Neighborhood Flags
-- after 8 years --
we need some help.

Since the fall of 2013, our American Flags have flown proudly
outside our entry to celebrate this Country's special holidays.
Now, they are getting a bit faded and showing some wear.
Please consider making a donation towards the cost of their replacements.
If you are interested, please contact Aggie at 352-753-0761.

(You can also give her your order for the smaller flags for your own yard.)

August 18th
Ladies Luncheon

We'll be gathering this month at the Chop House
in Sumter Landing.
Lunch will be at 11:30.

To reserve your seat
contact this month's hostess:
Sharon Sikora
by Aug.15th

Weekly Bible Study

You are invited to a fascinating and informative bible series that helps us understand what is happening in our country and world today. The 12-week DVD driven series, The Truth Project, was produced by Focus on the Family. Each week we will view a
55-minute DVD with discussion following each video. The study beg
an on May 27th. Subsequent studies are each Thursday from
10 AM till 12 Noon and run thru August 12th.
Since each week is a separate topic,
it's not a problem if you miss a meeting.

Meetings will be held at The Standard Coffee House,

1552 Bella Cruz Drive (located in the Publix shopping center).

All are welcome, including spouses and significant others.

For more information call Judy Carts at 352-561-4204

or Liz Parrott at 352-207-5574.

Tuesday Happy Hour at Glenview has returned!!

Anyone interested in joining your neighbor Valdostians
up at Glenview are welcome to come between 3:00 and 4:30 PM. Enjoy a drink or two while spending some relaxing social time
with your friends and neighbors. Remember, if it's too hot or raining, we'll be inside! See you there!

Notice to all of our new neighbors

While our neighborhood loves its pets, please be advised
that there are no open areas within Valdosta.
All grass/landscaping area is someone's private yard
and we appreciate it if you keep your pets off of them.
And please --

We thank you and your pet!

Ladies Luncheon

Meets at a local restaurant on the 3rd Wednesday of each Month.

Scheduled Hostesses are:

September 15th - Gay Ratcliff-Seamens

October 20th - Cindy Clark

November 17th - Judie DiFulvio

December 15th - Bobbie Evans & Val Smith

January 19th - Bernice Zahringer

February 16th - Anna Markovics & Karen Tummillo

March 16th -

April 20th -

May 18th -

June 20th -


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