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December 2019 Christmas Social
November 2019 Thanksgiving Social
October 2019 Social
July 2019 Independence Day Social
June 2019 Graduation Social
May 2019 Social
March 2019 St. Patrick's Day Social
December 2018 Christmas Social
November 2018 Valdosta Thanksgiving
Adrian's 2018 Halloween Bash

October 2018 Halloween Social
September 2018 Italian Potluck Social
August 2018 Sock Hop Social
July 2018 4th of July Social
May 2018 Pizza and Horse Races Social
April 2018 Potluck and Bingo Social
See February 2018 Soup & Auction Social
See January 2018 Chinese New Year Social
See Christmas Social December 2017
See November 2017 Social

See September 2017 Potluck Social

See 2017 Neighborhood Flag Project

See August 2017 Pulled Pork Social

See Bill Storck's Buick

See April 2017 Social

See March 2017 Social
See Christmas Eve at Julie's 2016

See December Christmas Social

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