Villa Valdosta has four banquet tables that you can borrow. Call Lianne Migiano 750-6282 to borrow them.

Liane Migiano is handling the used books and if you want to go through them between monthly meetings, call her to arrange a time to stop by. 750-6282

To place a notice on the postal station bulletin board contact:the VCDD   352-753-4508, M-F 8am-5pm

All One Family - a non-profit we support during the year, adopting a family at Christmas.

Electric golf carts: Clean battery terminals at least once a year or more often if corroded. Check water level monthly.

Please do not feed feral cats.

Please pick up after your dog!

If you have a golf cart to sell, please visit VillagesBuySell, it has wide coverage.It will cost $25.

Bedtime Tails Luxury Pet Hotel

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