Located just inside the Village of Belle Aire gates in The Villages Florida.
Villa Valdosta has an active Social Club which meets 
6 PM first Tuesday of the month
at Chatham Recreation Center.
Magnetic name tags can be ordered for $6 each.

April 2nd -- Valdosta Social Night  
 "Tacos  and Talents"

Calling all our Villa Valdosta's creative and talented neighbors to come and share your hobbies 
and talents at our April 2nd Social. 

We hope to feature a viewing table of your hobbies, art work, awards, green thumbs, etc. We are also hoping that we can sign some of you up to share your voices, dancing ability, comedy, or whatever to entertain us. 

Bring either a Mexican side-dish, salad or dessert.

As usual - BYOB.

Tacos and fixings will be provided.

Please call Ellen Widman at 603-819-9293 or email  
at eawidman1@comcast.net.  We have so much talent around here, let’s celebrate it. Please come and share. Hoping to hear from you all so we can plan 
display areas and a show lineup.  
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ellen Widman, Peggy DeBoyes and Judy Sullivan 


April 17, 2019 at 11:30 AM
Oakwood Smokehouse & Grill
HWY 27/441
RSVP by 4/15/19:  Ann Carr at (352)259-2606
or Judie DiFulvio (352) 259-6190

Notice to all of our new neighbors:
While our neighborhood loves its pets, 
please be advised that there is no open area

within Valdosta.  All grass/landscaping is
someone's private yard and we appreciate
it if you keep your pets off of them. 
 We thank you and your pet!

 Join your
neighbors for Happy Hour
         at Glenview Country Club
            each Tuesday 3 to 5  PM.
(Except Nights of Social Club Meetings)


Meets at a local restaurant on the 3rd Wednesday of each Month.
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Driveway Party of Belle Aire

Everyone is invited, bring your chair and food to share.
Click link above to find out where the next one is.

2019 Club Socials:
May 7th - Sandy Windham and Janet Strausburg
June 4th - Ruth LaFontaine
July 2nd - Judy Carts, Betty Griner and Lianne Migiano
Aug. 6th - Joan Kimbell and Connie Goodnight
Sep. 3rd - Bobbie Evans
Oct. 1st -
Nov. 5th - Eileen Patton
Dec. 3rd - Gay Ratcliff 

2019 Ladies Luncheons:
May 15th -  Sharon Sakora
June 19th -  Betty Johnston & Mary Lalley
July 17th -  Mary Pettus & Eileen Patton
Aug. 21st -  Sharon Clark
Sep. 18th - Ruth Lafontaine
Oct. 16th -  Judie DiFulio
Nov. 20th -  Ingrid Derlis & Julie Luehrsen
Dec. 18th -   Ann Brown
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